Acupuncture at home. 12 cans

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Acupuncture action magnetic suction cups (acupuncture at home) set:
12 jars plus ointment. Illustrated instruction in Russian.
Magnetic suction cups can be used in medical institutions, as well as at home as a new type of magnetic therapy device. They combine elements of therapeutic methods such as zhenjiu therapy, acupressure, magnetotherapy and drug therapy. The action of magnetic suction cups is based on the principle of drawing in the skin due to the formed negative pressure, creating a magnetic induction of over 250 mT (millitesl) at the acupuncture point, when an invisible beam of magnetic field lines penetrates approximately 6 — 9 cm deep into the human body, which corresponds to the depth of pricking, and also to the therapeutic effect exerted on the acupuncture point by a traditional thin needle. Magnetic suction cups do not damage the skin, the patient completely lacks the feeling of fear of the needle, which is characteristic of classical acupuncture. At the same time, the use of magnetic suction cups is a sterile, safe, reliable, painless method of zhenjiu therapy. The tip of the magnetic suction cup is made of galvanized silver, has anti-toxic and anti-inflammatory properties. Magnetic suction cups are very convenient to fix accurately on acupuncture points, you can use them at home, travel, work, anytime and anywhere. In the treatment of ordinary pain syndromes, it is only necessary to find the point correctly, already 10-15 minutes after the installation of the suction cup, a positive result is observed. In the most common diseases, the therapeutic effect usually appears after 1-2 treatment sessions. Magnetic suction cups promote blood circulation, harmonize Yin and Yang, they can be used both in excess syndrome and in deficiency syndrome.
Indication on the treatment of specific diseases with the help of MPAD
Treatment of inflammation of the shoulder area (pereafrit)
Treatment of back pain
Treatment of diseases of the cervical vertebrae
Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Treatment of impotence and prospermia.
Treatment of nephritis (nephrolithiasis)
Treatment of prostatitis
Treatment of painful menstruation and abnormal menstruation
Treatment of the breast
Treatment of the consequences of apoplexy (lower limbs)
Treatment of hypertension
Treatment of hyperlipemia (high content blood lipids)
Treatment of bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, asthma
Treatment of toothache
Treatment of diabetes mellitus
Treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers
Treatment of diseases of the heart and coronary arteries
Treatment of headache and insomnia
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